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    How Does Single Grain Milling Machine Turn Kernel into Powder and Grits ?

    Date:2017-01-06 11:46:30 Writer:


    Single Grain Milling Machine

    SINGLE GRAIN MILLING MACHINE is becoming more and more popular in the whole world agricultural equipment field. It has the features of high efficiency, low grain wasting rate, easy to operating and maintaining and so on. The single grain milling machine is regarded to be most suitable for home workshop and small personal factory using because of its low cost and multifunction.


    Before purchasing, many buyers will ask us a question: how does this small one machine turn kernel into powder and grits? Being professional single grain milling machine manufacturer, even the machinery working principle is complicated, we always explain the complete process to customers with as simple words as possible.


    Generally speaking, single grain milling machine is the same as large size one. Its main processing system is comprised of two emery rollers. Their material is emery full of rough particle so that when the grain kernel pass the narrow way between the rollers, the big grain kernel can be squeezed by the force from opposite direction to reach the goal of being broken. With different distance between rollers, the breaking degree will range from large grits to grain powder. But the good thing is, this distance is not fixed forever. When processing various kinds of grain, it can be set and changed randomly according to customers’ specific need. In a way, the one single grain milling machine is equal to many machines.


    Besides, even our clients still have no idea about the single grain milling machine working way, we will give them most detailed instruction of operating and maintaining. They don’t need to worry about that at all, including after sale service. We insist on “customer first”. No matter what trouble our customers get in during operation, we promise that we will provide best solutions at first time.

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