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    China Grain Milling Machine Is Competitive in the Market

    Date:2016-08-24 11:00:25 Writer:

    CHINA GRAIN MILLING MACHINE is competitive in the market.


    As we all know, grain is a kind of very important crops which is widely used in the whole world. China has centuries-old grain planting history with more than 5000 years. With the development of modern industry, grain harvest has been realized into automatic harvest by combine harvester. The grain production has been significantly increased in recent decades, especially since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Therefore, the demand for China Grain Milling Machine is increasingly growing in the market.


    Generally speaking, grain will be processed into flour by China grain milling machine. The process flowchart includes: crude grain storage by silos, grain pre-cleaning, grain cleaning, grain milling, flour packing and flour storage. After processing by China grain milling machine, there will be 65%-80% grain flour, 10%-15% grain bran and the weight lost will be about 10%-15%. Most of the lost will be the impurities and moisture. So when designing the China grain milling machine or plant, the most important thing is the pre-cleaning capacity and cleaning capacity should strictly base the real production capacity.


    As people's living standard increases, lots of small, medium and large China grain milling machines or plants are built up. If you want to invest in grain milling work or project, China grain milling machine is a better choice. China grain milling machine has the following advantages?

    1. Beautiful Appearance of China Grain Milling Machine
    For our Pneumatic Wheat Roller Mill, all the steel sheets are cut by laser cutting machines, bent by CNC bending machines, and machined into desired shape in a single-pressing step. Hence, there is no scratch on the steel plate, and the processing precision is very high. In addition, excellent consistency is achieved for same components.
    Due to the application of state-of-the-art welding technique, high mechanical strength and little deformation are both expectable, and there is no weld mark on the machine surface.
    The electrostatic spraying technology is applied to coat a layer of plastics onto the outer surface of our product. As a result, the machine surface is flat, bright and wear-resistant, while color fading, paint cracking/flaking and other problems are all avoided.

    2. Sturdy Construction of China Grain Milling Machine
    The roll gap adjustment usually employs a control arm for the conventional method. However, this roller mill sets the compressed spring on the pull rod, and it regulates the cylinder position instead of the control arm to adjust the roll gap. This mechanism is sensitive, highly precise and labor saving. Moreover, the pneumatic locking system works in a reliable and convenient manner, thereby eliminating the possibility of accidental roll gap adjustment when this machine stops.

    3. Reliable Control System of China Grain Milling Machine
    This machine offers three control methods including automatic control, manual control and centralized remote control. The centralized remote control is able to separate or reunite the clutches of all roller mills at the same time, thus helping the operators out from heavy work.
    Our roller mill is divided into two series which are MFD series and MFQ series, and the major difference between these two is that the feed roll of MFD series is directly driven by a small-power motor. This motor is controlled by a small PLC system to realize stepless speed regulation. So, the material feeding process is automatically controlled, and this will improve the grinding result, especially for break grinding process.

    4. Advanced Configuration and Low Maintenance Requirement of China Grain Milling Machine
    The advanced PL tooth-wedge belts are manufactured by a famous enterprise in China. They are characterized by big transmission power and long service life, and tooth damage is completely solved.
    Our roller mill comes with some professional maintenance tools as well as a specialized trolley used to mount/dismount grinding rolls. Additionally, the installation base and shock pad indicate that direct installation is feasible and there is no need to make a base by yourself.


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